RoShade Assistance

Key binds

Toggle effectsF8
Toggle menuF7
Next presetPage Up
Previous presetPage Down
Take screenshotPrt Scrn
These keybinds may be subject to change in future updates


Updates are announced in both Zeal’s Discord server as well as


  • Download the latest version of RoShade

  • Hit the Download button

  • Open the file. You do not have to save it, unless you know what you’re doing.

  • You will now see something similar to this.

    Launch RoShade setup.exe

  • You may see a virus warning pop up. You do not have to worry about this. The shaders do not contain any malware.

    Press More info and then click Run Anyway

  • The installer will now pop up. It may not look exactly like this, as RoShade is regularly updated.

    Click on the Next button.

  • Read through the License agreement. Select I accept the agreement and then click Next.

  • Select which components you’d like to install. I suggest you press ‘Install all’. Hit Next.

  • RoShade will now install.